Should schools have vending machines?

Vending machines have been a popular fixture in many public spaces such as shopping centres, train stations, and airports.
However, the idea of having vending machines in schools and universities has often been met with scepticism. However, recent studies have shown that vending machines can have numerous benefits for students, teachers and school administrators. In this article, we will explore the benefits of having vending machines in schools and universities and how they can benefit the education sector in the UK.


One of the main benefits of having vending machines in schools and universities is that they offer convenience. Students can quickly and easily purchase snacks, drinks or even hot meals without having to leave the school premises. This can save time and increase productivity for students who are busy with their studies.

Healthy options

Vending machines can be stocked with healthy food and drink options, providing a convenient alternative to unhealthy snacks. In the UK, schools are encouraged to provide healthy food options in vending machines as part of the government’s efforts to tackle childhood obesity. The School Food Standards require all maintained schools in England to meet certain nutritional standards. Vending machines can play a key role in meeting these standards, providing students with nutritious options that are both convenient and affordable.

Hot drinks in common rooms

Sixth form common rooms can benefit from vending machines that offer hot drinks such as tea and coffee. This can provide students with a much-needed boost during long study sessions and provide a comfortable social space for students to relax and interact with each other.

Cashless payments

Many vending machines can be equipped with mobile payment technology, allowing students to purchase products using their mobile phones. This means students do not have to carry cash to school and can easily track their spending.

Fully managed services

Vending machines require regular maintenance and can experience breakdowns. H2O Vending Solutions offer fully managed services, providing schools and universities with peace of mind knowing that their vending machines are being regularly maintained and serviced.

In conclusion, vending machines can offer numerous benefits for schools and universities in the UK. They provide convenience for students, offer healthy food options, and can even provide hot drinks in common rooms. Vending machines equipped with mobile payment technology also make it easy for students to purchase products without having to carry cash. With fully managed services available, schools and universities can ensure their vending machines are always functioning and meeting the needs of their students. Therefore, schools and universities in the UK should consider installing vending machines to provide convenient, healthy and affordable options for their students.

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