Point of use water coolers (POU)

Sometimes it is not possible or safe for businesses to store large 5 gallon water bottles. You now have the choice to install a point of use water cooler by simply plumbing it onto your existing water supply. Table-top point of use water coolers are also available for most model variants and offer all the benefits of a floor standing water cooler without taking up any floor space. Available options are –hot, chilled and room temperature and even sparkling water.

Bottled water coolers

Bottled water coolers are a quick and efficient way of providing great tasting, filtered hot, chilled and room temperature water for customers and staff located within premises that do not have access to a mains water supply.

Water boilers

Installing an eco-friendly drinking water boiler will save time, energy and money. A plumbed-in drinking water boiler provides instant, filtered, boiling water direct from your water mains supply and are a far more efficient alternative to using kettles in the workplace.


Taps and fountains

Boost staff productivity, reduce downtime spent in the workplace kitchen and cater for all your team’s hydration needs with an undercounter hot tap system for instant boiling and chilled, filtered water – at the touch of a button!