Sigma Simplicity hot drinks vending machine

Sigma Simplicity hot drinks vending machine

  • Brand new or fully refurbished
  • 12 inch digital screen
  • 510 high-capacity cup system
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Extensive range of drinks
  • Outstanding quality and reliability
  • Chilled drinks as an optional add-on
  • Internal audit system

Height: 1830mm Width: 710mm Depth: 765mm Weight: 165kg

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    The Sigma Simplicity hot drinks vending machine. A durable and reliable coffee house experience.

    The Sigma Simplicity hot drinks vending machine delivers a superb drink quality to the standard that customers expect from a coffee shop. Offering a complete range of hot drinks including continental coffee blends such as café latte, cappuccinos and café mochas – from ground or instant coffee. In addition, the Sigma Simplicity vending machine offers creamy chocolates, fresh leaf tea, decaffeinated coffee and soup. Electronic menus are displayed on an impressive 12 inch touchscreen that can also be used to play video advertisements or display company branding and announcements and drink selections are made from a multi choice touch sensitive selection menu, set below 1.2 metres for wheelchair user access.

    Why choose a Westomatic machine?

    Westomatic are a leading manufacturer and distributor of vending machines based in the South West of England, established in 1966. Westomatic machines are built to the highest quality with the greatest level of care and attention to detail. From stand alone hot drinks vending machines to chilled food machines, they provide a solution for any location. Westomatic also have their own factory refurbishment service which makes tired machines work and look like new through our intensive process. The team is made up of industry experts and dedicated staff who are passionate about helping new customers find their perfect solution and ensuring existing customers get the very best out of their machines.


    View the Sigma Simplicity hot drinks vending machine brochure here.

    If the Sigma Simplicity isn’t the right solution for your location, please feel free to browse other Stand alone hot drinks machines.


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