“The new ArcticSpring 100C combines a huge 8 litre 2.8kw hot water boiler with a powerful direct chill”

You won’t need a separate boiler when you have the massive hot water boiler and direct chill combination of the new Arctic Spring 100c!

The new Arctic Spring 100c hot and cold water cooler combines a large direct chill chiller with a powerful 8 litre 2.8 kW boiler, this makes the Arctic Spring 100c a world’s first! Powerful Arctic Spring 100c hot water boiler produces five litres of hot water at a constant of above 90°C, for instant draw-off, that’s equivalent to 25 cups of tea. This is a massive game changer in the world of hot and cold water coolers.

Scale can be a problem for boilers. In a hard water area, you can connect a scale removal filter to the boiler and the chiller or one of our a cheaper carbon filters (see below). In soft water areas, you can just use a cheaper carbon filter to connect both. In contrast with other hot and cold water coolers, the Arctic Spring 100c boiler can be easily accessed for descaling and maintenance. To avoid wasteful overnight reboiling, the Arctic Spring 100c comes with an eco light sensor, turning the boiler off when the office lights go out. This can save you up to 25% in electricity, an economy of around £40 per year, at the same time, reducing the cooler’s carbon production by an astonishing 175kg.

The exceptional 23 cm dispensing height of the Arctic Spring 100c, easily allows for the growing trend of bottle filling. The Arctic Spring 100c hot and cold water cooler offers a set of features you’ll love. There’s no need for an extra boiler when you have an ArcticSpring 100c.

The Arctic Spring 100c hot and cold water cooler represents a new generation of groundbreaking high-capacity boiler, chiller coolers which save on electricity, reduce carbon production and effectively deal with scale.

The benefits of adding a carbon filter to your water cooler.

As we have all come to learn, bottled water is a source of pollution. It is said that a plastic bottle may take 300 years to degrade and a ton of water is wasted due to it taking 3 times as much water to produce the bottle itself than it does to fill the bottle. By adding one of our carbon filters to your water cooler supply at your home or business, you will be helping the environment.

Filtration helps to remove water impurities and dangerous contaminants such as chlorine, disinfection by products and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and arsenic. Our water filters cleverly ensure that important minerals such as magnesium, fluoride, calcium, and zinc are retained.

Filtration systems are good for your health. The benefits are amazing, with nutrient absorption, skin hydration, potential weight loss, detoxification, digestion and may also help in reduction in the risk of cancer. Drinking filtered water helps to support our immune system and mental health functions.

Carbon water filters are convenient, easy to use, durable and easy to change for quick filtration. Depending on your water cooler usage, we would recommend carbon filters to be replaced every 3 to 6 months. At around £20 to £30 each, our conclusion is you’d be mad not to install one!

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