“A world that destroys the goods of nature is one I do not belong in” Luigi Lavazza, 1935

Since 1935, Lavazza has adopted a company vision that prioritises the economic, human, environmental and cultural heritage of the countries in which we work. Over the years, this commitment has been expressed through concrete actions like the establishment of the non-profit Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza Foundation, which has been implementing and promoting economic, social and environmental sustainability projects alongside coffee-producing communities since 2004. Lavazza’s commitment to and journey towards sustainability involves all of our stakeholders, both internal and external, and has been accounted for in a transparent manner through our yearly Lavazza sustainability reports since 2014.

Lavazza commitment

Lavazza has always put people at the centre of its world and its work, striving to promote and implement the Group’s principles every day and involving all of its stakeholders. On this shared journey, sustainability and social responsibility have become part of their corporate decisions and the basis for their new sustainability manifesto, Blend for Better.

lavazza blend for better
lavazza blend for better

Support for communities

The sense of responsibility that the Lavazza Group feels towards the communities in which it operates finds expression through the promotion and implementation of activities aimed at creating shared value and making a positive impact on a social, economic and environmental level. The driving force behind these activities is the non-profit Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza Foundation, which was established in 2004 and has 30 projects in 19 countries over 3 continents to its credit in the years since.

Lavazza sustainability report and the approach to the SDGs

By signing the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the Lavazza Group has embarked on a journey to integrate the principles of sustainability into all its activities and processes. This commitment has been accounted for in a transparent manner since 2014, with the publication of the Sustainability Report.

lavazza blend for better

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