“Our unique business model enables us to offer rent free vending machines in Birmingham and the surrounding areas”

Is it true H2O Vending Solutions offer rent free vending machines in Birmingham and the surrounding areas?

Yes, you’ve heard correctly! We can offer rent free vending machines in Birmingham and also our free fully managed vending service. Our aim is to keep vending understandable. We like to submit clean, simple and above all honest proposals by removing all the confusing and costly small print at the bottom, that our competitors like to add in. If your business or place of work is situated within our operating region and meets our usage criteria, you can sit back, relax and let us take care of everything.

So H2O Vending Solutions provide the machines and service for free?

If your business meets the criteria and once you approve our tailored proposal, then we take care of everything, removing any stress and hassle that you may have experienced before with other vending companies. We deliver, provide and install, operate and maintain the machines all at our own cost. This includes stock replenishment as and when required and covers any unfortunate breakdowns, parts included! However, our clients may be responsible for damage caused due to the unlikely event of vandalism.

Do you make up for loss of rent and fees by inflating product costs?

Absolutely not. Market research has shown us that most of our product prices fall below the regional average, especially our hot drinks. We are successfully winning business against local and national companies based on our service promise and price. Before deciding on your vending supplier, please let our team prepare a tailored proposal for your business.

You must be using low quality ingredients then?

Nope. As a business, we prefer to sell products rather than having them sitting on the shelf going out of date. It really doesn’t pay for us to use low quality ingredients that will inevitably produce a weak tasteless hot drink, our customers will not return. We only use top-branded household ingredients in all of our vending machines in Birmingham. Our bean to cup hot drinks vending machines are stocked with Lavazza coffee beans as standard and our instant drinks vending machines use Nescafe or Lyons. We are however, happy to look at other options if clients so wish.

Do we have to sign a lengthy, potentially costly contract?

Businesses are coming away from wanting to sign contracts. In our experience, this is because not all of our vending competitors keep to their service promise and unfortunately let customers down with unreliable machines that stand empty and broken. Due to the contract small print, they are stuck with poor service and are potentially forced to buy themselves out of the contract.

Our team are confident that our proven customer retention rate, high-levels of service, reliable machines and competitive prices will give customers little reason to want to change vending suppliers, we therefore do not force anyone to sign contract agreements. If a new client prefers to have a contract in place then we are more than happy to do so and to meet their terms.

You can read more on our free fully managed vending service here and additional FAQs here.